New Nightmare Tenants Slum Landlords series to start on Wednesday


Landlords who have been waiting to get a fresh fix of their favourite property TV programme Nightmare Tenants Slum Landlords need delay no longer.

A new ten-part series of the Channel 5 show is to begin on Wednesday 17th at 8pm.

Filmed prior to the latest Covid restrictions, it follows lettings agents, evictions specialists and lawyers working at the often shocking front line of the private rental market.

Viewings should be ready for more on-screen clashes as landlords chase rent arrears and try to get their properties back; as well as council housing enforcement officers clamping down on slum landlords taking advantage of vulnerable tenants. 

The first episode features a 13-hour siege by squatters, a guarantor stitched up by his own son, and a landlord who calls on the help of eviction expert Paul Shamplina from Landlord Action because his tenant owes £16,000 rent arrears.  

Difficult eviction

That landlord is Allen Summerskill who bought his flat in Croydon over 15 years ago as a buy-to-let investment.
Just four months into its most recent tenancy, his tenant stopped paying rent. 

Despite serving a section 8 notice, the tenant refused to move out, leaving Allen with no option but to call in the bailiffs.

The tenant then tried to stall the situation by going back to court on the day of the eviction, but the judge granted in Allen’s favour. With the help of Landlord Action’s Paul Shamplina, Allen finally gains possession of the property.

 “I’ve been a landlord for quite some time and on this occasion, I went against my better judgement,” he says.

Expensive mistake

“The tenant said she did not get on with her previous landlord and I should have pursued for a reference but didn’t – it was a mistake.

“Had Paul not suggested we go back to the court that day, the eviction may not have gone ahead when it did.

“Shortly after, the pandemic hit, and I would now be faced with a further 18 months without rent and without my property. With the current debt and damage to the property, I’m already out of pocket by £20,000.”

Shamplina (main pic) says: “I’m so pleased that the latest series is finally airing because the stories we have featured will really resonate with a lot of landlords – there are some shocking cases.”

Watch Paul present his favourite highlights from previous series of the show.


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