About Us

We have been in the property and publishing business for some time now, and have now decided to direct all our efforts into publishing a local property journal for you. We have created a magazine that is not only genuine but also one that has the potential and ambition to be number one in the world of property magazines. With our journal, we have given customers the chance to make their choice from a variety of products.

Equipped and filled with commercial and residential properties, news, business contents, property investment opportunities, and holiday homes, both financial and legal advice and on and on. Our monthly magazine will be that number one guide you need to direct you when buying, selling or living either locally or internationally. Property Observer is what you’ve actually been waiting for! Packed with news, features, opinion, and analysis, Property Observers, keeps its readers fully informed on the most recent information which includes development opportunities, property deals, and investment prospects. Distributed in local Asdas, Tescos and other supermarkets and businesses throughout the West Midlands.

The latest census that was carried out in the UK shows that its population has increased by 7 %( 4 million) in the last 10 years. According to research, the number of household in the UK is expected to reach 28 million amounting to 250,000 households every year. These have placed a great demand on the available housing stock. With this figures, it is obvious that the demand for property has doubled and this is great news for property investors and those thinking of going into the field. With our expertise and a wide range of network, we make sure we bring the best deals to the table. There is more than just enough reason for you to start investing in property and with Property Observers; you are far from getting it wrong.

Just picture your next development being featured in our next issue. Individuals will be attracted to the lifestyle you are offering them wherever they are, either while shopping, relaxing, having a nice time with family and friends or planning their next vacation. You even have the chance to get our magazines for free in big superstores. Just with our magazine, your property is already advertised more than you can imagine.

Property Observer will lift up the bar on your expectations from an investment, buying and selling guide. Published every month, it will feature luxury and affordable homes, lifestyle, travels trends in popular locations locally and internationally as well as the latest help and tips in the property game. Not many magazines look to promote local properties or properties that are not luxurious.  For those looking to join the property investment train, we help you take advantage of the situation before they become common and public knowledge.